Banking & Finance

Our banking and finance lawyers regularly represent a variety of national and local financial institutions, private lenders and other local as well as out of state clients in all areas of commercial and real estate lending.  We assist all types of businesses in such industries as real estate, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, retail, broadcasting/media, aircraft and pension funds, in addition to individual, corporate and trust borrowers.  Representative transactions include loan documentation, work-outs (both in and out of court), litigation and mergers and acquisitions.

Commercial / Asset Based Loans

We represent our clients in a variety of commercial and asset based transactions, including loans, investments and acquisitions involving revolving line of credit facilities secured by, and based upon, a variety of advance formulas relating to accounts receivable, inventory and equipment, revolving line of credit loans relating to equipment purchases and term loans based upon term assets.

Commercial Loan Modifications & Workouts

Our banking lawyers represent lenders in commercial loan modifications, workouts and collection, receivership and foreclosure matters.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Our banking lawyers advise clients on all types of commercial real estate loans, including construction loans, end mortgage loans, land acquisition and development loans, revolving credit facilities, revolving acquisition credit facilities, industrial revenue bonds (IRB), Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, Michigan Strategic Funds and other government-backed loans.  Representative projects include residential apartments, single family residential developments, condominiums, office buildings, shopping centers, manufactured home developments, health care facilities, commercial and industrial complexes, hotels, resorts and marina complexes.

Specialized Loans

In addition to traditional financing, our banking lawyers have experience advising clients in connection with specialized loan transactions such as:

  • Equipment leasing, including financing to and/or involving third party lessors and lessees, loans, investments and acquisitions involving credit facilities, machinery and equipment purchase facilities, warehouse and bridge facilities, on both a recourse and non-recourse basis.
  • Letters of credit, including loans, investments and acquisitions involving documentary and commercial letters of credit.
  • Other specialized transactions, including loans, investments and acquisitions, equity kicker and equity participation arrangements, put and demand agreements and piggyback rights agreements relating to a variety of areas, including broadcast facilities, multi-lender participations, pension and profit sharing plans and environmental documentation.