Emily M. Sullivan and Gregg A. Nathanson, Authors

Emily M. Sullivan, an associate of the firm and Gregg A. Nathanson, a shareholder of the firm, recently published an article in the Michigan State Bar Journal, a publication sent to all attorneys in Michigan.  The article, entitled Ladybird Deeds: Key Features and Uses, discusses the popular technique of using a “ladybird” deed to effectuate the transfer of real estate.  The deed provides for an automatic transfer of property at death if the owner does not transfer title during their lifetime.  Recent case law and considerations for practitioners to effectively utilize ladybird deeds in their practices are also discussed.

Ms. Sullivan works primarily in the areas of commercial real estate and commercial business and corporate transactions.  If you have questions regarding this article, or any other real estate or business matters, you can email Ms. Sullivan or call her at 248-489-8600.

Mr. Nathanson focuses his practice in the areas of real estate, business and corporate, environmental, finance and construction law.  If you would like to discuss a real estate matter or any other matter with him, please email Mr. Nathanson or call him at 248-489-8600.